Why We’re Here


Children today are surrounded by violence: in the media, in the video games they play, and in the movies and TV they watch. Their creative energies reflect this violence in all they concieve, so it is essential that these energies be rechanneled toward that extraordinary sense of wonder that lies within each child.

At The Imagine Project, we remain convinced that art is the key which opens many doors to a boundless source of creative energy and love.

Our program at The Imagine Project is designed to provide children with a unique creative outlet and training ground in which they learn to cultivate and treasure the imaginative process.

Our objective is to encourage students to freely and readily activate their imaginations so they can continue to build their “mind’s muscle” throughout adolescence and into adulthood.

We at The Imagine Project believe that children must use thier imagination at the same time they are being taught more traditional learning skills. The energy, creativity and wonder that is generated by the imaginative process should be treated as a unique and exciting educational experience. In all of our programs, the imagination is used to create a world which is entirely of, by and for its creators — the children.

Our experience has shown that by working with small groups of children for an extended period of time and guiding them to produce a finished product — a play, original music, a radio show, a videotape, an illustrated storybook — the children come away with tangible symbols of their triumph and glory.

By working with students to complete a project that is their own, and delivering concrete evidence of their accomplishments to their community, we provide children with the invaluable knowledge that their imaginations have had a positive and profound effect on their world.


The Imagine Project helped my son… I always suspected he had this gift inside him but I never saw it come out like this. Now he draws and makes up stories all the time.

– Susan Bailey, Mother