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Acting Made Simple

Acting is pretending… be it Shakespeare or nursery rhymes.
All children are born actors.
Observe the games they play.
Look at the many roles each child will play, without inhibitions.
Be aware of their naturally focused energy and concentration on an objective.

All Imagine Project Acting programs are based on the philosophy that: All actors must, through a process of experimentation, reawaken the sense of wonder and magic that is innately ours as children. Often as actors, in our perceived need to over analyze and dissect a part, we forget the basic concept of make believe, pretend, play. After all we “play” a role in a theatre piece accurately named a “play”.

Enough said.

act3All our acting programs at Imagine Project are geared, through improvisation and experimentation, toward nurturing the young actor to trust his natural instinct. It is the child’s ability to act and react honestly and naturally that we must constantly reinforce. We must prevent, or if necessary, break down the facade of sophistication and unreality that often develop as the actor begins to intellectualize. “How do I look?” “Where do I stand?” “How do I sound?” “What if I make a mistake?” In our workshops and classes an actor can not “make a mistake.” Each attempt, successful or otherwise, is a step toward understanding. All our classes have students working on their feet immediately.

No lectures.
No theories.
No rules…. other than:
Stage right!
Stage left!


bio_alisonExperience and confidence are gained through DOING!

At the end of each thirteen week term there is a final presentation in which each student will perform in both an original piece and a contemporary or classical scene ranging from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams.

All classes and workshops have been developed by, and most will be taught by, Imagine Project founder and director Bill Bartlett or Alison Bartlett pictured here during onstage improve session.



Classes are currently accepting registration in the following locations:

  • Manhattan: 131 West 72nd Street (between Broadway and Columbus)
  • Brooklyn: TBA


For further information please contact us


Michael Pitt


“I continuously turn to Bill for his insight and direction.”
Michael Pitt, Actor

A few notes on one of our more successful former students and present teachers, Michael Pitt:

Having studied with Bill Bartlett for three years at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and privately thereafter, Michael, who has taught with us at The James Madison Bronx Little School and Tilden Hall Family Shelter in Brooklyn, completed two seasons as the lead in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”. He currently has eight films either in production, post production or release:

179th Street (pre-production)
Criminal Activities (post-production)
The Smell of Us (post-production)
You Can’t Win (post-production)
The Sleeping Shepherd (announced)
Hannibal (TV Series)
Rob the Mob (in release)
I Origins (in release)
Seven Psychopaths
Michael Pitt – IMDb


Michael Pitt at Tilden Hall Family Shelter

The actor should be able to create the universe in the palm of his hand.”

– Laurence Olivier